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Change Management

It has often been stated that during these times of significant technological advances,  the only constant is change. This adage is very true and is often one of the more difficult aspects of managing an organization. In terms of change itself, it will occur whether by default or intention.

To appropriately handle change, an organization must be very familiar with its internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats when going through change.  A clear understanding of the processes within an organization enables that organization to recognize clearly what areas are impacted by change. Subsequently, this understanding can then be used to model how changes can be managed successfully for both staff and systems. 

It is crucial that an organization have a framework in place by which to identify change, assess its impact to the organization, and successfully address the change. Change Management can itself be administered in a manual fashion or by means of automation. In either case, it requires careful and intentional management.

Savvy is well positioned to assist your organization with developing an appropriate change management strategy.


Change Management Framework:


1. Determine the nature of change


2. Document, define and categorize the type of change


3. Assess the impact to the organization


4. Devise a solution and implement the results


5. Communicate


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