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Client Relationship Management

It goes without saying that without clients, businesses would fail. No amount of successful internal planning will benefit an organization unless its relationships with clients are functioning well.

Although not to be considered out of the scope of Strategic Planning, managing the relationships with the clients in its own right requires careful planning and execution.  Knowledge of your client's needs is important and knowledge of how your organization can best meet those needs is also as important.

Successful Client Relationship Management can be attained by carefully and methodically assessing who your clients are and ensuring that your organization is appropriately delivering the right product/service to your clients.  In addition, excellence in service and maintaining a focus on building relationships between clients and staff at all levels is critical.

Not only does Savvy offer this service to clients in this area, we also make every effort to ensure that  relationships with our own clients are managed within this framework. 



Client Relationship Management Framework:


1. Understand the needs and unique characteristics of customers


2. Assess your organizations ability to address customers needs


3. Ensure internal processes are correctly functioning to deliver on customers needs


4. Establish excellent communicative procedures


5. Focus on building the relationship


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