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Facilitation is one of those often misunderstood terms. Without clarity of what facilitation is, its usefulness to an organization also becomes unclear.  Simply put, a successful facilitator is one who leads a group of people through a task to accomplish stated goals.

In order to properly engage a facilitator, it must be clear what the need for the facilitator is and what a particular facilitator can do for the organization relative to the task at hand. It is important that the facilitator recognize the value of time and be able to lead the group through the task in a positive and professional manner.

Many of Savvy's other services inherently require the leadership of a qualified facilitator. As well, we are able to apply our facilitation skills to specific instances where organizations need assistance with working through a specific task or obstacle where an objective "outsider" is required. In these situations, our knowledge of group dynamics and goal fulfillment is well suited.





Facilitation Strategies:


1. Be flexible


2. Be adaptive


3. Be proactive


4. Be responsive


5. Be resilient


6. Get the job done!




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