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Business Process Review

All businesses perform a variety of functions to accomplish their ultimate goals. Processes are either intentionally created or evolve on their own to meet an underlying need.

Ultimately, all processes operating within an organization should support one, some or all of that organizations goals and should do so with as much efficiency as possible.

To ensure this is true, organizations must be clearly aware of the processes that are operating within the organization and must be confident that they are indeed running as efficiently as possible.

The ability of an organization to identify, understand, map out, potentially modify and successfully implement its internal process centers around the process known as Business Process Review. A formal set of steps surrounding this activity walks an organization through the steps of reviewing and ultimately improving the way it operates.

Savvy's experience with business process review and the resulting outcomes offers a significant advantage to an organization needing to go through this process.



Business Process Review Framework:


1. Identify and define business functions and processes


2. Assess the relationship between functions


3. Assess participants in the functions and their respective roles


4. Design/re-design processes


5. Implement and assess performance



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